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A criminal conviction will not only have short term effects such as jail time and expensive fines, it can also lead to long term limitations due to it being placed on your criminal record. When attempting to find employment, rent an apartment, or apply for school, individual can be turned down because of their criminal record. Fortunately, for individuals who qualify to have their record sealed or expunged, there is a way to keep a minor offense from having a major impact on your future. If you would like to have your record sealed or expunged in Florida, a defense attorney can assist you in the process.

Record Sealing or Expungement Lawyer who represent clients who are seeking to have their criminal records sealed or expunged. We assist people throughout the state of Florida. We understand the long lasting effects a criminal conviction can have on your future, and we will fight to get your life back on track. 

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Process of Having Your Record Sealed or Expunged

If an individual seeks to have his or her record sealed or expunged, he or she must first submit an application to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The FDLE will then determine whether or not the applicant is eligible. If the individual is deemed to be eligible for a record sealing or expungement, he or she will be issued a certificate of eligibility.   Once the applicant has received their certificate of eligibility, they must file a petition with the court, in which they formally request to have their record sealed or expunged.

This petition must include:


•A certificate of eligibility 

•A sworn statement that states the offender has not been previously adjudicated guilty of any offense under Section 943.051(3)(b) of the Florida Statues 

•A sworn statement that states the offender has never had his or her record sealed or expunged 

•A sworn statement that states the offender is eligible to have his or her record sealed or expunged  

After the petition is filed with the necessary documentation, the court will determine whether or not the offender will have his criminal record sealed or expunged. 

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